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Part 1: What We Do - The Testing Programme.

• Before we commence the test, we will walk the site with you to identify all the areas that have been previously agreed against a programme of work.

• We will agree the visit plan to make sure that we keep any disruption to your administration or production operations to a minimum.

• On arriving on site, the engineers will sign in and undergo any site specific Health & Safety training required.

• All equipment to be tested will be disconnected from the mains supply. The testing will proceed against our pre-agreed programme.

• Any serious faults identified will be brought to the notice of the onsite representative for further instructions.

• The pre-arranged testing programme will continue until completed.

• Once an area has been completed, we will notify the onsite representative and move on to the next area in the programme.

• The report is discussed and issued.

Part 2: What we do to meet the Schedule of Inspection to comply with - BS7671:2008 17th Edition.

1. 1. Visual Inspection.

2. 2. Continuity of Protective Conductors and earthed equipotential bonding.

3. 3. Polarity.

4. 4. Earth Loop Impedance.

5. 5. Insulation Resistance.

6. 6. Operation of devices for Isolation and Switching.

7. 7. Operation of Residual Current Devices.